Wordpress Development

Internet has brought a lot of changing in the modern way of living. Many people use the Internet to get information that guides them in making decisions on various issues. As such, Internet marketing has become very popular in the current world. Web blogs are some of most read contents on the Internet. Individuals and small groups are using them to disseminate information on themed subjects.

Wordpress is a system used in blog publishing written in Hypertext Preprocessor language with the backing of MySQL database. It supports a single weblog for each installation although it may also support more than one concurrent copies. Getting quality services on your Wordpress development is very important. This will ensure convenience and efficiency in your blogging activities.

At GoNext Solutions we are determined to give our clients the best services possible. We specialize in delivering customized Wordpress development solutions for our clients. In fact, Wordpress is among our favorite tools that we use on different websites; whether you want to use it as a blog engine or a content management system. When you come for our services, we will work with you regardless of your level of the project. We will offer you any help and support you need.

Professional Services

We have professionally trained personnel that will work on your project. Our Wordpress development services are meant for anyone in need of professional installation and even configuration. We provide Wordpress with that come with theme from a professional provider of Wordpress themes. Our services include the following;

  • Installation of latest Wordpress version that you can use as a Content management system or blog
  • Installation of a theme that a client choose
  • Creating a database that Wordpress can use
  • Setting up of permalinks that will improve SEO of a client's site
  • Installing a ping list that has better advancement
  • Installing robot.txt files that will guide spiders of the search engine indexing the client's site
  • We also ensure protection against comment Spam by configuring Spam protection for your site
  • We also offer configuration for sitemap.xml.gz and sitemap.xml to enhance your site's ranking on the search engines.
  • We will create RSS feed that are personalized as per your site to allow user subscription for updates and promote the site.
  • We will also install graphics and logo for your company.
  • We also offer training and documentation services.
Reliable Services

At GoNext Solutions, we have the best personnel that will offer you just what you need. We know that you want a blog or website with a custom design to meet the requirements of your style and layout. This is why we are determined to offer you a professional package. We also want to create customized themes to meet your specific requirements.

Once we have helped you with Wordpress development, we will not stop there. We will always be there to offer you technical support whenever you need it. Although we deliver the best web based applications built with Wordpress, we know you may need technical support after that. This is why we will always be there for you and ready to help whenever you need technical assistance. Whether you need services that will help you migrate from a different blogging system to Wordpress, domain migration, security audit, SEO services, among others, count on us to deliver.

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