Quality Policy

One of the prime concerns of outsourcing is be able to maintain quality standards. This is something that is addressed very seriously by our Project Managers as well as Resources. We ensure that every web project that is undertaken by us undergoes stringent quality tests and it is only then they are uploaded and launched. Some aspects in our quality testing approach are listed below:

Website Design Quality

When designing websites, we validate all website code and test the website with a number of browsers including IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. We test all new websites on both PCs and Macs and on a variety of screen resolution and monitor sizes.

All new websites are automatically checked with regards to accessibility and colour blind issues. We also regularly check all links (internal and external) are working, including those to other websites.

Amateur websites will often look very good on one browser or one operating system, but look poor on different browsers. This is due to a lack of knowledge and no checking or validation process. GoNext Solutions have a set of quality checks we work through at the end of the website design process to ensure our websites correctly function on all browsers and perform well in the search engines.

Search engine optimization Quality

All search engine optimization work uses “Ethical” or “white” search engine optimization techniques. We do not risk client websites being blacklisted from Google through use of “keyword spanning” or any other similar technique. When acquiring links for websites, we take care to exclude those from link farms which are potentially harmful to the website.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource our search engine optimization work, but keep this in house where we can keep greater control over its quality and execution.

We have a range of different levels of search engine optimization work, ranging from bi-annual checks on websites through to twice weekly checks in competitive markets. Part of this work is to ensure the website is functioning 100% correctly with nothing present that could hinder the search robots from viewing and indexing the page. It is this consistent drive for high quality websites that underpins much of our search engine optimization work and is why we have retained clients in this area since 2005.

Testing for Functionality

Functionality testing means to ensure that all the required functionality has been implemented as specified in the first place. Therefore, functionality testing refers to testing for correctness and adequacy

Testing for Usability

In this type of testing, it is ensured that the user encounters little overhead, such as learning or handling activities, to operate the Website.

Testing for Compatibility / Compliance

Compatibility is mainly established through compliance and interoperability. We ensure that the Website is not only W3C Compliant but is also compatible with most Search Engines. For special cases our webpage could follow the conformance as per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0). As a practice we follow the WCAG checklist for A and AA conformance.

Testing for Performance

This involves assuring a timely response from the system, taking into account not only the Website's architecture in addition to factors like a user's slow Internet connection.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Our resources are increasingly encouraged to benchmark their coding standards and creative designing standards with the best in the business. Not only does benchmarking lead to the inculcation of globally accepted best practices but also gives are resources a fair amount of exposure to international standards and benchmarks which can be lifted and put to use here in

Accessibility Audit

GoNext Solutions have always designed accessible websites and have use a range of different tools to check accessibility. This includes automated accessibility checkers.

GoNext Solutions can also test websites with the JAWS screen reader as this produces a better website experience for those who rely on screen readers. JAWS (jobs access with speech) are one of the most popular and versatile screen readers.

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