Google Local Business Listings

Your company listing - on the very top of search engine page - with clickable map and a phone number. Also shown on Iphones, GPS systems

Local Maps Optimization and Management

Benefits: your listing is above natural search results with map, site and phone number.

You will get listed with Google, Yahoo, Facebook Business Pages and Bing (MSN) directory. Some 65% of households employ local searches on a daily basis! It doubles your presence on 1st page; ongoing work makes you Local Business Listings appear for even more searches every month - and higher than your competitors.

 Double or triple your presence on the 1st page of search engines
 Increase incoming and website lead volumes
 Benefit from long lasting results - and multiple source exposure
 Dominate Internet as well as phone-based 411 searches
 Get listed on IPhone and Google-based GPS devices
 Gain trust and brand recognition from local customers

How GoNext Promote the Listing to Get to the Top of the List?

To appear in the Google Maps search results, Google gathers business information from various websites (Internet Yellow Pages [IYP] directories, and other sources). Even though you can easily enter your business information into the Google Local Business Center for free, but to get listed at the top of the list you'll need to optimize. Google Maps is partnered with Verizon and Yahoo! Local is partnered with AT&T. Therefore, Having listings with the local online "Yellow Pages" can (and usually does) cause you’re listing to be placed higher on the list giving you more exposure and website traffic. So, we try to get Your website listed in the LOCAL “Internet Yellow Pages" and LOCAL review directories.

How GoNext Solutions Optimize the Listing to Get to the Top of the List?

 Below is the hierarchy of our optimization techniques listed by importance:
 Completeness of the information in your listing
 Using Keywords in your company name & description (don't SPAM)
 Website Optimization – using City and State keywords in your Titles and Meta Tags, add your address to your web pages, etc.
 Category w/ Search Terms (cosmetic dentist, personal injury attorney)
 Proximity to center of city - Think Locally - Having a business location in the CENTER of town helps you get to the top of the list. The closer your office is to the center of your city, the higher your listing is usually positioned on the Google Maps list.
 "Flair" - photos, videos, coupons, payment methods, parking instructions
 Listings in directories that include local address info (,,, etc.)
 Number of In-Bound Links (IBLs) from local city websites and directories.
 Total number of reviews.
 High ratings in your Google reviews (More stars can mean higher positioning)


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