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Links that works

Without going about how good we are (which we are) or why you should look before you decide (which you should), we want you to know what we offer:

Our internet marketing service offers:

  • We don't just build you a great site with a great design; we bring to you the other important thing--the link that displays your company's webpage in the top search engines along with a high ranking in them.
  • We offer our service at an affordable price.
  • We deliver on our promise. We don't just give you an all-frills-and-no function website, but a fully functional and highly efficient website with effective links.
  • We build you links and websites that achieve your business goals.

It is very important to create not just a link, but an appropriate and high-grade link that can take your website to the first page of the search engines that are looking for your keyword. This is called "link building" and this is our objective--to give your website the greatest exposure in search engines.

A word of caution

There are many firms who claim they can build you a relevant back link, but it's not an easy task. Knowledge of various search engine optimization techniques is an absolute must in order to be able to build a relevant link. We at GoNext Solutions have the knowledge needed to achieve this feat.

What do we mean by relevant links?

If you are an engineering firm, it will do you no good to link your company website with an advertising, restaurant, or health centre industry. These are not relevant to your trade. You need to be linked with other important sites related to engineering. We at GoNext Solutions build you "the relevant" link that will do the work for you.

In todays time constrained market, it will not be feasible for a company to call up companies relevant to its field and ask if they would be interested in exchanging links with them. This is because it will take a lot of time, and not everyone may be willing to do it. The better option is to hire an able and professional company like GoNext Solutions who can do it for you and do it right. We will look into the Selection and usage of high ranking links from other sites relevant to your keywords, which will pull up your company website and also broaden the visibility of your site.

Link Building is one of the most important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We build you everlasting and relevant links that brings more number of visitors to your website.

GoNext Solutions has a team of dedicated and able professionals who are excellent in providing quality link building services needed for producing optimal results. We adopt different link building schemes based upon customer specifications like:

  • One-way Linking
    One-way linking is very effective. It is also considered more natural by many search engines.
  • Multi-way Linking
    This technique is used for website promotion. It provides each website with a one-way non-reciprocal link.

Unlawful use

Maintaining the standard of our company and respecting the principle of SEO, GoNext Solutions implements only those techniques devoid of unscrupulous methods while building links to your website. We do not use the following techniques listed below.

  • Link Farming
  • Spamdexing
  • FFA Link Networks

The quality of our work

We never let our customers face an unpleasant experience like being subjected to offensive sites. Many search engines can ban a website from their search engine index for usage of these kinds of links. As we are in the business of increasing your website’s ranking, we offer solutions to use only those sites that have top-notch rankings. If you are on the lookout for an honest, capable, and efficient firm that can take your business to the next level of success, GoNext Solutions is the one.

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