Google Panda Update – 24th Tweak

Google first announced the Panda algorithm addition nearly 2 years ago and on Jan 24th they finally, after much pushing and queries, announced that the 24th tweak to Panda was released last week.

Unrelated to the strong signs of an update many sites seemed to experience around January 17th , this Panda refresh was officially announced on Twitter yesterday, though there’s hardly been as much buzz on the forums surrounding this update as there was about the changes earlier this month that Google still claims to have been nothing.

Much like the last Panda update, which was pushed out right in the middle of the holiday season and affected 1.3% of English queries, this data refresh is said to affect a similar number of searches—about 1.2% of English queries.

To learn more about these Panda updates or for guidance on building high-quality sites, Google’s Webmasters have some good advice that might help.

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