Gonext Advance Strategies for Optimizing Your Content

If you are considering your SEO strategy then the first thing on your to-do list should be to create excellent content. Content should be the center of your SEO strategy, if it isn’t, your SEO efforts are likely falling short. Good SEO strategy is making sure your website is being notice by the big search engines. And if you want to get on the good side of the search engines, you must understand that fresh, new content is the key to doing so. Most search engines, especially as they continue to evolve, are placing more relevance on content, so you must make every effort to update your website frequently with fresh, compelling content. Here’s how to get started:

What is Website Content?

Website content is of course text, but it can also be images, video, audio, whitepapers, PDFs, etc. Because not everyone wants to sit down and read text, it is important to consider using a number of different formats when creating your website content. You can get to a number of visitors by producing quality content in the form of a blog, but you may also get just as many visitors who want to view your content in the form of a video or podcast.

Advance Optimize Content Strategies.

Although your content in itself is important, optimized content is equally important. This means that you should be optimizing your with specific keywords and / or phrases so you can achieve the best ranking possible with the search engines. Some of the best places to optimize your content are with your title, your content’s description, within the main text, and in links and tags. But don’t just start cramming keywords into your text to get on the good side of search engines because you can be sure your visitors won’t appreciate it. It’s All About Your Visitors. Your content should be optimized for the search engines, but it has to be reader friendly or you can bet your visitors won’t stick around on your site for very logn. You know if your content is reading smoothly just by reading it aloud. Do not fall into the trap of writing for search engines because the content ultimately must be for your visitors.

Remember Keyword Density and Anchor Text

A good way to make sure your content is optimized is to remember keyword density and anchor text. Although the number of times your keywords should appear in text is up for debate (somewhere between 3 and 6 percent seems to be the going rate), it is important to understand that, again, stuffing keywords into your text in an attempt to reach your keyword density is not the way to go. If you can’t get your keywords into your text in a natural way, then don’t put them in. Anchor text, which are those hyperlinks within text, is important in the eyes of search engines, and it a great way to get visitors to different areas of your website.

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