Easy Online Tips to Create Engaging Business Videos

Earlier this year it was announced that YouTube reaches at least 3.5 billion views per day, so it’s no surprise that businesses are immediately recognizing online videos as powerful marketing tools. But how do you get the creative process under way?
plan on make a quick impact

to make sure to get your video storyboard concepts starting, there are three basic questions you must ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of this video? What message are you trying to communicate to your viewers about your business? what kind of action and reaction are you looking to make progress towards? This will help you determine what kind of Calls To Action you should include in your video.
  • what kind of savvy do you need to create for your viewers? Think about your target market and identify what would be the most desirable way to give them a positive video savvy, whether it be through storytelling, humorous skits or an emotional pull at the heartstrings type of video.
  • How may I  leave them wanting more?  Remember when you walked out of that movie disappointed because all the good parts were already shown in the trailer? Well to avoid having your potential business friends feeling identical disappointment, you really should be giving your viewers a taste of what you can offer so that they are left wanting more. Aim to keep your video under 3 minutes so that there is enough time for you to communicate your message but not too much time that your viewers are no longer interested to seek out more information about your business.

“Look at me!”

The title of your video should take into consideration:

  • Keywords: YouTube gives importance to the keywords initially of video titles so  try to include your most important ones first. However, your video title should still make sense to your viewers so that you avoid looking like a spam marketing video.
  • Look at your competitors: Search up keywords or phrases that relate to your industry and the type of video you’re planning to upload and look at some of the existing video titles. Looking at tabloid and magazine headlines should also aid you identify which titles work and which make you need to read more of the article. Taking this information, you will need to make sure that you can improve making your video title peacock and stand out from your competitors.
  • Attention grabbing words: If your clients are gaining insider information or exclusive footage from watching your video, you should be sure you communicate this loud and clear so that you can generate more views. Catch words such as “Official”, “Secrets to”, “Exclusive” or “Leaked Footage” as well as words relating to current events can improve your click rate. However, if you use these words in your title and it does not relate to your video you will get bad viewer reviews.
  • The character count: You are allowed one hundred characters for your video title on YouTube but when your video appears in searches, those browsing will only be able to see 50 – 60 characters. You’ll need to try your title by chopping and changing your video title so that it makes sense yet you still are able to communicate a powerful title with the most important keywords and phrases within the first 50 characters. If you make a mistake or you end up thinking of a better title later on, you can always come back and change your video title whenever you please.

Include a call to action 

if you want viewers to call you, visit your website or just share the video with their friends – just ask them. If you’ve been able to successfully create a positive viewer experience with your audience then you have their undivided attention and they’ll most likely follow through with your request. You can tell your visitors what to in the following:

  • The end of your video: A message to “go to my website”, “click on the link below” or “call this number” promptly followed by a reason to do it such as “to get a free website health check” or even “for more information on internet advertising, sales and marketing” so that you have a substantial offer.
  • The video description box: Add a one line call to action at the beginning of your video description and include your full web presence link. E.g “to learn more about internet marketing, visit http://www.ewebmarketing.com.au”
  • The video caption: If you are planning to use your video captions as a call to action try to use one caption at a time and keep it within 5-6 words otherwise you will distract the viewer from your actual video.

Have you created an online video for your company? Please share your experiences and tips below!

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