BlackBerry Application Development

Mobile operating software is the latest fad to hit markets all over the globe. With the likes of Apple and Android taking most of the cake, Blackberry application development is yet to hit it's peak. From it's infancy, the best year in terms of application development, has to be 2009, with BB world giving the top level players a serious run for their money, breaking into the market and causing mile long ripples. The BB development world has made immense strides since then, with the likes of Open GL, widgets, and 5.0 API Library forming what is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Blackberry application development process is more of an open forum. Software developers are encouraged to come up with new, top line innovative applications, pitch them, and see if they make the cut. This has attracted millions of developers, some with no previous experience, but willing to try it out. The plan is prop up a platform for developing non-bulky, feature-rich applications for Blackberry operating systems, making it a fun, yet effective way to accessorize.

The Blackberry application development market is just beginning to take shape. Microsoft is now trying to push through the ranks, and introduce 'Bing' as the default browser for Blackberry. This is meant to take a stab at Google's market share, and establish Bing as the rival search engine in the U.S. In addition, that is not even the half of it. The BB application world, which was a huge hit for blackberry faithfuls in 2009, was upgraded, and launched as the new Blackberry Application World 3.0 in the last half of 2011, and is still a massive boost to blackberry application development. This application has many cool ad-ons; most notably, the My world storage folder allowing you to maintain your downloads, and reinstall accidentally deleted files through wireless connectivity.

Blackberry applications are going viral. More and more people are being pulled into the fray, it’s only a matter of time before the Bing 14% market share hits the 20% mark, then Google is serious trouble, and everything goes into free fall. Former N.S.A advanced security communication head, Michael Franco developed new anti-hacking Blackberry software for the U.S president. This software, referred to as the 'Ultimate Armor' is undetectable, even when put up against the most sophisticated monitoring methods. The list goes on, with the Blackberry Cyclone, allowing you to access media through WI-FI, connect to a DSE using a HDMI cable, it's all quite revolutionary!

The opportunities are infinite; Blackberry application development is at an all time high, with the recent Android integration systems, and the rise of the Blackberry tablet seeking to rival the Ipad, high function browsing capabilities, idiot proof, and a whole bunch of other cool features to play with. The Blackberry is by no means a sitting duck, with all it's new, nerdy applications making it a fan favorite all the way to China, and pulling crowds the world over.

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