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What is AJAX Programming?

AJAX Programming (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a combination of various popular technologies assembled to create the next generation of web applications that are more interactive and responsive and act like their desktop counterparts.

The AJAX web programming technique constitutes a compendium of testified technologies like CSS, XHTML, XML Http Request (XHR) and JavaScript. AJAX web development technologies are adaptable to all JavaScript enabled browsers irrespective of the operating systems. Moreover, AJAX web programming techniques also recognize an impressive range of Eclipse-based development tools that are open source and can be downloaded and used for free. Well-applied AJAX web programming is certainly a benefit for every type of web application, simple sites or complex business applications.

AJAX web development services

In the contemporary web world where web applications need rapid and interactive development, AJAX web development helps to get over the page loading needs of HTML/HTTP -mediated web pages. You can apply AJAX web programming on various operating systems, web browsers and computer architectures as it is basically based on open standards like JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM).

No web 2.0 websites are untouched by the AJAX web programming. Use of AJAX web programming has completely transformed the meaning of the user's experience on Internet and broken the boundaries of the classic web based representations.

Gonext Solutions, one of the premier web development company that excels in PHP Development and AJAX Application Development. Our expert team of AJAX programmers has built up and delivered ecommerce shopping applications in open source (Oscommerce) with AJAX web programming to turn the application flexible and faster.

With their profound efficiency AJAX web programming, our highly-experienced Php-AJAX developers can deliver great level of customization in AJAX, according to the clients' requirements.

Our Php-AJAX programmers are experts in developing Rich Internet Applications and web 2.0 based applications that make your website faster and more user-friendly. Gonext Solutions has successfully used AJAX programming in several modules for sites and applications like charts, demos, maps and quotation of rates of exchange. A wide array of AJAX web application enables us to offer effective solutions to our clients.

Gonext Solutions offers AJAX solutions at the following domains:

  • Highly Interactive Web interfaces
  • Web Service Interactions
  • Web Based Reporting Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Integrations
  • Information Portals
  • Web Instant Messenger
  • Drag and drop Solutions
  • AJAX Based Web Photo Gallery
  • Spell Checker

AJAX application development program of Gonext Solutions includes

  • Standard representation of website applying CSS and XHTML Techniques
  • Data Management and Interchange applying XML
  • Use of Document Object Model in Dynamic Display and Interaction
  • JavaScript Binding
  • Data Retrieval applying XML Http Request

Please, go through our portfolio and reach us to know more about our AJAX Programming Services.

How is AJAX web programming different?

AJAX is different in the following ways:

  • AJAX shortens the time of interaction on the web. This is done by the introduction of a intermediary - an AJAX engine - linking the user and the server. The browser loads up an AJAX engine coded in JavaScript and saved in a hidden frame.
  • The AJAX engine enables the user's interaction with the application to take place asynchronously without impacting communication with the server.
  • It has excellent adaptability to server-side languages like ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, and Perl . This functions excellently for Web Spiders with a ample resource of server-side language specialists.

Benefits of AJAX web programming

The following points focuses on certain functional aspects of AJAX that make this technique the most favored web development technique among developers, architects, and product managers are:

  • In every application developed through AJAX website development technology each user's action that would make an HTTP request, gets changed to transform into JavaScript.
  • For enhancing the functional timing, any response to user's action that does not need any trip back to the server such as simple data confirmation or data edition in memory are administered by the engine on its own.
  • If the engine needs any information from the server for presenting a response, like: loading added interface code, submission of data for processing - the engine puts these requests by applying XML, without detaining a user's interaction with the application.
  • AJAX user interfaces are extremely responsive imparting users the feeling that changes are instant. It also presents several sections of interactivity on the same page. User can submit a form and after that focus on certain text or click on a menu item in certain other section. If there is any error in a particular segment, it does not mean that the other segments cannot be used. AJAX applications generally avoid the requirement of horizontal and vertical scrollbars, this increases user convenience.
  • AJAX is the face of contemporary Web applications-and Web applications have some certain advantages over desktop-based ones. These include a comparatively lower cost of deployment, convenient support, lesser development times, and needs no installation. These are just certain advantages that have convinced the consumers and companies to take up Web-based applications. AJAX will assist Web applications to improve and acquire more for end users.

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